• non-binary: narrative design devlog

    [Hey love, there will be some spoilers from here on. If you haven’t played non-binary yet, you can find it for free here]. Good morning animals of the pack, this is QueerWolf writing to you. We’re on our second devlog, and this time around we’ll be looking at narrative design (big words here today for… Continue reading non-binary: narrative design devlog

  • non-binary: coding devlog

    The first devlog about the final version of non-binary: the technical one!

  • revolutionary walks

    “Queer Man Peering Into A Rock Pool.jpg” set a record with us through its demo: less than three seconds into the game and we were already crying with joy! Unwritten rule of video games: you only walk one way. The protagonist’s strides are linear, decisive. It’s the walk of the cool and capable hero, even… Continue reading revolutionary walks