owof is a project that was born in a dark and stormy night

“owof was born as a movement to free the video games from basic male…”

owof. owof. Which sounds a bit like the cute whimper of a canine, an attempt at barking that doesn’t quite come off right but, hey, that pup is trying hard, as we are.

owof was born because we love video games (who would have guessed?) and we think they can be a great way to experience something different from our everyday lives. To help us understand each other better, make us more empathetic. We will always try to make something that, while entertaining, reflects on the world around us, on the world we have inside, and on the narrative potential that video game as a medium contains in itself.

We believe in the power of sharing, in collaboration, and because of this the blog and lab will be used as spaces to explore what video games can do, starting from our experiences, our mistakes, reflecting on the games we loved. We really hope you feel like having a little chat with us.

QueerWolf brings the anxiety disorder the narrative experience to the pack. They have been writing horror stories since they were little, perhaps to process some childhood trauma, perhaps because they were possessed by Pazuzu. Over the years they have published several short stories in collections, some poetry (but they’re trying to burn whatever volume is still out there), and a novel. They believe that the way we tell things shapes the world, which is why it’s crucial that every voice on the fringe is finally allowed to take its space. Even with a club, if it comes to that. When they’re not working, they’re reading, singing, nerding out, watching the garden, hoping to wake up in the body of a labrador.

LazyFox brings the frustration of programming the technical skills to the pack. They have been programming for far too many years, and after a long scientific education and career they realize that, hey, how come everyone around here is male, white and totally convinced that if you try hard enough you’ll make it? They are not the smartest animal in the pack. They have been trying for years to use their skills to make the world at least a little bit better, and when they want to relax they play the piano, or at least try to, and play platformers that are way too hard for them. One day they’ll wake up with a lifetime supply of chocolate, at which point they’ll have achieved their biggest dream.