non-binary: demo GGJ 2022

hey friend! the new version of this game is now out, with a lot of new stuff. you can find it here. paws up!

Note well: the game is in Italian right now, with an English translation underway.

“Non-binary” it’s a game made for the Global Gam Jam 2022 (our first GGJ!), in collaboration with ASCARI (narrative design/music/sound design).

“Non-binary” is a journey in the life of non-binary people.

It’s a game about survival and identity, about the importance of words and on the possibility of self-determining one’s identity. And hope.

Note: the game contain 2 different stories, one by an AFAB (Assigned Female At Birth) perspective, and one by an AMAB (Assigned Male At Birth).

In this first version, the game randomizes your gender assignment in the beginning, so you can see only one version of the story. We encourage you to make a second run, and see the other one.

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