non-binary by owof games “non-binary” is a game in three acts that blends bullet hell and storytelling to bring you into the lives of two non-binary people. you will accompany Elisa or Luca from childhood to adulthood, experiencing with them frustration and joy, discovery and change. “non-binary” is an idea born during GGJ2022 in collaboration with ASCARI. this new… Continue reading non-binary

non-binary: demo GGJ 2022

hey friend! the new version of this game is now out, with a lot of new stuff. you can find it here. paws up! non-binary by owof games Note well: the game is in Italian right now, with an English translation underway. “Non-binary” it’s a game made for the Global Gam Jam 2022 (our first… Continue reading non-binary: demo GGJ 2022

le andande

le andande by owof games In Tuscany, Le Andande (also called White Souls or Maenads) are a procession of ghosts who wander the countryside roads and the cities. Most of the time they ignore whomever they meet, too occupied in atoning their guilts or overwhelmed by the injustices they suffered. Sometimes meeting them causes horrible… Continue reading le andande