“non-binary” is a game in three acts that blends bullet hell and storytelling to bring you into the lives of two non-binary people.

you will accompany Elisa or Luca from childhood to adulthood, experiencing with them frustration and joy, discovery and change.

“non-binary” is an idea born during GGJ2022 in collaboration with ASCARI. this new version includes:

  • more complex and thematic bullet hells;
  • more vivid and articulate stories;
  • the ability to make narrative choices;
  • different endings, regardless of whether or not you survive the bullet hells;
  • two difficulty levels for bullet hell;
  • the choice of language (Italian, English, Spanish);
  • a beautiful and mysterious little thing in the ending;
  • now available for MacOS and Linux;
  • and you can find our source code here.

“non-binary” features two different paths: one for a character socially defined as female and the other, male.
at the beginning of the game, the character will be randomly assigned to you.
at the end of the game, you will be able to retrace their story or live that of the other protagonist.

we recommend that you experience both stories: by combining personal experiences and the testimonies of those who have supported us, we have created two very different paths. the lives of non-binary people are as varied and complex as those of anyone else. that’s why the game doesn’t aim to tell everyone’s story, but only a small glimpse into a complex world.

if you are a non-binary person and you are going through a bad time, remeber: you’re not alone 💛🤍💜🖤

many countries have LGBTQIA* associations that can provide support.
if you’d like to share in the comments those active in your country, it will make it easier for those who may need them to find them.

paws up.


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